Saturday, July 23, 2011

course on old age care

Dear Sir/Mam

Greetings from WSD! Thank for your support and cooperation so far to WSD… The Women’ Studies Department of Barkatullah University, Bhopal deals with the teaching, research and documentation on women related issues with the aim of women empowerment. It is the first department of Women’s Studies in the whole Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh State. WSD has been established by University Grants Commission in the University to promote teaching, research, Dissemination, Publication, Extension activities, Documentaion, Gender sensitaisation, advocacy and networking at the local level on women related issues with the aim of women empowerment on various perspectives of women ensuring further mainstreaming in the process of women’s empowerment and development. Strong focus of the department is on empowerment of tribal and marginalized women and old age care. We will be initiating three month certificate course on Old age care this year. The idea of initiating the course on old age care is based on the two years of extensive research study in Old age homes of Bhopal mainly Anandham and Karunalaya conducted by women’s studies department. The study was carried out in Five phases and the report of the research study has been published. Through this study, we tried to understand the different aspects and dimensions of the problem of older persons residing in the old age homes and factors that led them to shift to old age homes. The Department also carried out a Sensitisation Training Programme on old age care in collaboration with National Institute of Social Defence, New Delhi. After analyzing the findings of the workshops, research study and training programmes, we realized that there is an urgent need to sensitize the people regarding the care of older persons and also about the issues affecting older persons. Keeping in mind the increasing population of older persons in India and their problems , It was realized that this problems needs urgent attention and the best way would be to initiate a course on old age care. Thus after having discussion with academicians, activists, those working in the area of old age care and keeping in mind our social responsibility towards older persons, three month certificate course in old age care has been designed which comprises of four papers covering different dimensions related to old age care-paper I-Policy and planning for older persons, paper 2-basic concepts related to older persons, paper 3- nursing and nutrition of older persons, paper 4-management of older persons with practical work at old age homes and hospitals.. It will also include 20 days of visit to old age homes, 15 days of visit to hospitals and 25 days of research project for practical experience. Papers would be taught by experts in their respective fields and panel expert lectures would be conducted. During the course of the study, workshops and seminars would be organized to raise the issue concerning older persons, sensitize more and more people about the same. We have already started developing Course material and modules. This is for your information that Admissions for the course are in process. Educational qualification for the course is 10+2 and Interested candidates are required to fill the form available at the University website( and Women’s Studies Department, BU,Bhopal and submit it with the draft of Rs.300/- in the name of Registrar, BU, Bhopal. The course will start in first week of September, 2011. We need your suggestions and advise to enrich our course. We request you to kindly give your valuable suggestions and support for the same and what else could be done in future in this regard. We would also like to associate with like minded people in the regard and request you give the contact details of the persons already working in this area along with the CV and E-mail of the person.kindly forward this letter to the interested persons.
Thanking you, Waiting for your kind reply and cooperation. Regards

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